Welcome to my website and thank You for taking the time to visit me and my dogs. Please feel free to give me feedback by e-mailing me.
Bernario is Tuomo Tulokas and, of course, the Bernese Mountain Dogs that share my life. We are located in Finland, Europe.
I obtained my first BMD puppy in 1981 and have been increasingly involved ever since. The first litter of kennel Bernario was born in January 1984 and the 32nd litter in October 2014 and I have only one or two litters a year.
My breeding goal is to improve the breed toward the standard by paying attention to health, temperament, structure, soundness and type and the ideal is a beautiful and loyal companion that is willing and able to work. I have been lucky to establish long-term, supportive relationships with people who have provided ideal, caring environments for my puppies.

Tuomo Tulokas

intro.1Kennel Bernario is awarded the Vuolasvirta Breeder’s Plaque,
the highest breeder award in Finland, as 4th BMD breeder.